Privacy applications on your favourite public blockchain

About Mystic Boutique

We believe that access to privacy on the blockchain is essential for safe mass adoption.

Therefore, Mystic Boutique is focused on delivering privacy and anonymity tools which safely and seamlessly integrate into blockchain life to improve our user freedom.

Meet the Team

Store Announcer

Teacher, writer, gamer and media fundi. Store Announcer will live on Twitter and Discord, answering questions, and getting investors familiar with this epic product.

Store Manager

Serial entrepreneur, 2016 crypto investor. The store manager is team lead and business actualization expert.

Store Technician

The Store Technician has been a developer for 25 years, 12 of which were spent working as a senior developer in international fintech. He’s been focused on blockchain development for four years and has worked across multiple languages and chains.

Store Stacker

With a background in e-commerce, Store Stacker is a full-stack developer with a focus web applications and ERP. He’s also a qualified chef.

Store Clerk

Store Clerk has over 15 years of forex experience which included running territory for the largest fintech. The store clerk will be behind the project making sure our holders get maximum value.

Store Designer

Problem solver, user focused and all things interface design. Store designer is a research and analysis based creative.