cardano mixer

About ADANON Mixing Service

ADAnon is Cardanos first mixing service.

ADAnon allows users to send and receive funds through a wallet address with full anonymity.

Advertise a receive address without exposing or linking your wallets.

No complicated hash keys required

No mandatory time delays

Send any amount of of ADA

Single dashboard to manage all transactions and view history

Why we made Cardanos first mixing service

Cardano is transparent by design and although this is well suited to numerous applications and use cases, there are some instances where privacy and anonymity is critical for safety and preservation of freedom.

We wanted an easy-to-use application where our users can share a receive address to professionally transact without creating new wallets or disclosing account information.

Using our unique ADAnon obfuscation, users can transact any amount of ADA, to any address in real-time.